Platform Provider

Enhancing the quality of life for the elderly through the most suitable our care technologies

Enhancing care with technology

Marknova leads B2G and B2H healthcare management services with AI device technology and healthcare data.

'Knok' is a digital caregiving service specialized in AI·IoT-based elderly healthcare management, organized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. It is selected by public health centers in korea for its services enhancing caregiver convenience and content customized for the elderly.

Unity+ is a local community health management service. Users regularly monitor their blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and more at local community centers. The system shares this information with local governments and primary healthcare providers to manage the health of residents in the area. Designed with consideration for numerous users, this service accurately collects and securely provides individualized data.

Cognitive Plus provides AI-enabled management services for mild cognitive impairment. We effectively manage cognitive abilities through state-of-the-art brain training content developed domestically, featuring user-friendly UI/UX that is accessible even to elderly individuals with limited digital device proficiency. Additionally, we promote physical exercise using smartwatches, ensuring efficient cognitive management

Marknova's Smart Nursing Assistant Service is provided in general wards, isolation units, intensive care units, and VIP wards across various domestic general hospitals, with active participation from many university hospitals to enhance the service.

Voice of User 

 ★★★★★ When high-risk behaviors occur in patients prone to falls, automatic alarms greatly enhance fall prevention
 ★★★★★ Before visiting the patient's room, using video calls to check the patient's movements is extremely convenient.
 ★★★★ The stand is equipped with wheels, providing convenient mobility and allowing for application with various patients, which is very beneficial.

 ★★★★★ It's beneficial during times like the current COVID-19 era to be able to care for infected patients without wearing protective clothing

 ★★★★★ The product has excellent image quality, allowing for detailed observation of the patient's condition via video and enabling meticulous care

 ★★★★ The automatic interpretation/translation feature makes communication with foreign patients convenient.

Marknova's senior care service reflects and addresses societal issues and demands such as aging population, increasing number of elderly living alone, and the quality of life for the elderly. We provide personalized lifestyle care services based on lifestyle and physiological information to suit each user's needs.

Senior life care All-in-One device

-Providing AI chatbot services designed for senior users

-Release the device in October 2024

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